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AMX Services:
Configuration of all AMX equipment.  This includes setting switches, configuring IP address information, deleting demo pages from touch panels, and setting internal configuration parameters.
Develop touch panel sample pages for presentation to Customer for approval before coding begins.
After approval of Customer, develop touch panel files for system.  (This also includes keypads if used).
Develop logic based on statement of work, equipment list, and drawings provided by AV Integrator or Customer.
Load compiled code and touch panel files onto Customer's equipment.
Test connectivity and control with AV Integrator technician to determine and resolve any wiring or connection issues.
ICompletely test and debug software developed for the system.
Work with AV Integrator and Customer to resolve any punch list items after Customer has begun using the system.
Provide source code along with AMX-supplied object code and documentation for all modules used in the system.
Biamp Services:
Develop programming based on the scope of work and audio drawings provided by the AV Integrator or Customer.
Configuration of all Biamp equipment.  This includes configuring IP address information, deleting default configuration data, and setting internal configuration parameters.
Load the program files to the Biamp equipment
Provide site-specific information to the control system programmer (if required) to be able to control the various blocks of the programmed configuration.
Work with the control system programmer (if required) to test the functionality of the control features.
Perform audio routing and level testing to ensure that the system is working as required.  Provide a list of issues to the AV Integrator if wiring problems are found.
Other Services:

There are other services that can be provided.  I tend to be a general IT and AV "Jack of all trades".  I can do things like set up wireless access points, set up basic configurations on the various video conferencing systems, and such.  I have worked with Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, Lifesize, and Sony VTC codecs.  I have also worked with a variety of audio processors such as ClearOne, Polycom, Allen & Heath, Ashley, BSS, and Lectrosonics. A variety of AV switches including Autopatch, Extron, Crestron, Purelink, Kramer, and Geffen.

I have a library of control modules for many devices, which allows me to shorten the development time on any new systems.
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